Norway/Fredskorpset in Zambia

Norway/Fredskorpset in Zambia

AS if reciting a poem, Response Network director Håkon Spigseth delved into the history of how the organisation was formed, punctuated with how he upon his arrival into Zambia was astonished at its cultural heritage.

He briefly touched on how he was mesmerised of Zambia’s cultural beliefs and how he embarked on a resolve to make a change especially with regards how Africans and Zambians perceived aid.

Giving a narrative background of Response Network to Nina Zimmer of Norway/Fredskorpset or FK in short, Spigseth described the areas of operation of Response Network and how it has grown to be what it is today.

Response Network which operates in Zambia’s Southern Districts of Zimba, Kalomo and Kazungula hassled to over 70 community schools being built and numerous clubs established helping to mitigate various evils such as Gender Based Violence, HIV and also assisting rural communities engage in organic farming.

Response Network also has and continues to assist vulnerable girls and a young women attain education through the assistance of Academic Work.

It also engages in sports development through the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympics Committee and Confederation of Sport (NIF).

The members of staff including some who have had an experience with FK in its programmes gave their personal experiences during a briefing for Zimmer who will be in Zambia until Saturday November 18.

Zimmer will this week also have a chance to join Academic Work delegation on a visit to Nampongo and Nalombe villages in Zimba districts.

According to Norway/Kredskorpset-“FK Norway creates development by bringing people together to learn, share and understand each other. About 600 participants go on exchange each year through partners in Norway and countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.”


Response Network (RN) director Håkon Spigseth (l) with Norway/Fredskorpset’s Nina Zimmer during an RN staff meeting in Livingstone, Zambia on Monday November 13

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