About Response Network


Response Network is a Non Governmental Organization based in Livingstone ,Southern Province of Zambia.

We believe in development that mobilizes people’s own human- and environmental resources, as we see that self-esteem, knowledge and creativity grow with responsibility. Instead of pitying people and make them feel they are poor we provide optimism and make them understand they are rich in so many ways, and that they in fact can solve most of their own problems without depending on any donor. The communities do the work themselves and take sustainable steps forward from poverty towards improved human rights and development.

We are mainly focused on facilitating village self-help programs. Through a structured methodology of encouragement and information delivered by skilled facilitators, we motivate villages to start and run self-help activities to improve their life situation. As a base for village programs, we use Self-Help Manuals providing detailed information on how to start and run self-help clubs within ~16 different thematic areas – e.g. community school, adult literacy, skills training, know your rights, women’s rights, health and nutrition, organic growing, HIV/AIDS, children with special needs and sports. Some of the areas have grown into extended programs where we link the communities to donors. These programs are Building Community Schools, Women in Governance, Sports Program and Women´s Self Help Group for Save and Borrow.

As a separate program, Response Network also runs an education sponsorship program for orphans.

Over time, astonishing results have been achieved. Communities truly appreciate the approach and have proved to have a huge underlying source of initiative. From 2005 to 2012 Response Network has facilitated village programs in more than 600 villages. These villages have started ~3.000 self-help clubs with ~60.000 members, building confidence, knowledge and skills and improving their life situation.







8 thoughts on “About Response Network

  1. mariaspigseth says:

    You are more than welcome to visit our offices, we are located at plot number 215 Mosi-o-Tunya road in Livingstone’s 217 area

  2. moscow says:

    AM a forth year student at the university of Zambia persuing a bachelors in adult education and extension studies & very interested in your programs u provide to the communy since that my field of study. Do u allow voluntery work. Thank u

  3. Patience Kabuku says:

    How do you help students who would like to study abroad?

    How do I learn more of your services

  4. ZzdayInfo says:

    Although it is very difficult to actually place everybody that get s in touch, we are always extremely happy to offer advice, idea s and guidance to help aid our candidates find work, whether it is directly through Response Network or even through other means.

  5. Patricia Mwelwa.M says:

    I’m a fourth year student perusing a bachelor’s degree in gender development studies. I love what your group does and I’m very interest in helping women. I would like to do voluntarily work. I’m currently located in Livingstone town center. Thank you.

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