Livingstone, March 28th 2007


Millenium goals

“There are many reasons for the slow pace when it comes to achieving development objectives in Zambia and for Africa south of the equator, in general. The reasons are well known among the people who are working with the development aid. Low funding is one factor, and therefore self-help facilitation will overcome this weakness.

We would like to share with you the success that we have had from nine (9) year experiments with simple and cheap methods in Southern Zambia. With these experiments, we want to show that they can be achieved quickly and economically affordable in the villages. One key to the self-help facilitation are the relevant resource manuals since such knowledge is not easy to obtain for locals from other sources. The manuals are listed below. You can download and read more about the manuals here.

            No. 1: Let’s start our own Community School

                     No. 2: Let’s start our own community Sports club

                          No. 3: Let’s start our own community Literacy Class

   No. 4: Let´s start our own Skills Training

  No. 5: Let’s start our own Women’s Clubs

                           No 6: Let´s start our own Organic Vegetable Growing

   No 7: Let’s start our own HIV / AIDS Club

                      No. 8: Let’s start our own Healt- and Nutrition Club

               No 9: Let’s start our own Know your rights club

                                                                            No 10: Let’s start our own Community Women’s rights club-stop the violence

             No. 11: Let’s start our Alcohol Awareness Club

                                         No. 12: Let’s start our own Children with Special needs Club

          No. 13: Let’s start our own Governance Club

              No. 14: Let’s start our own Mental Health club

      No. 15: From team to inclusive sport club

    No. 16  Gender equity in governance club

The manuals can easily be distributed to disadvantaged communities in large numbers. Our experience shows that education projects initiated by self-help, without any form of handouts, start begin to be noticed by donors, government and non-government organizations (NGOs). Many communities gradually receive many types of support that reinforce their efforts and increase the quality of self-education initiatives. This process starts with the community initiating their own educational projects solely on the basis of their own human and natural resources.


Most millenium goals will be addressed

The manuals and the projects address the following development goals with an affordable method as each manual costs about US$ 0.20.

1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; no 5 and 6,
2 Achieve universal primary educations; no 1
3 Promote gender equality and empower women; no 5 and 9
4 Reduce child mortality; no 3, 6 and 8
6 Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other health issues; no 7 and 8, 10
7 Ensure environmental stability; no 6 and all manuals are based on the use of local human and environmental resources
8 Develop global partnership for development;

This letter is an invitation to your organization to partake in using the manuals and the method to reach the millennium goals in Zambia and elsewhere by empowering people to reach the goals on self-help. We welcome your questions and we will be glad to share the manuals in stock as well as discuss the method with your organization. The manuals are now available in English and ChiTonga.

This is what we believe in

Our Vision

To be one of the leading self help facilitation organizations in Zambia in empowering communities to attain their rights and alleviate poverty through self help

Our Mission

To inspire vulnerable communities to attain their human rights through self help activities

Overall Goal

Vulnerable communities empowered to engage in governance through practical self help activities to overcome poverty and improve lives