Village self help is our main focus. From 2005 to 2011 Response Network has facilitated village programs in more than 600 villages. These villages have started ~3.000 self help clubs with ~60.000 members that have built confidence, knowledge and skills and improved their life situation.

Village programs are run through a combination of encouragement and information. They start with a village meeting where a skilled facilitator motivates the community to start self-help activities. These meetings are often highly appreciated and lead to mass-mobilizations of the communities. Thereafter we hold a sensitization meeting and a goal oriented project planning (GOPP) workshop to inform on the self-help manuals and the methodology.

Communities are now empowered to start their own self-help activities based on their needs. Response Network holds workshops, most often under a tree, that helps the communities find solutions to challenges and provide further encouragement and information. This makes it possible for the communities to propel their own development. Local volunteers and contact persons ensure participation and engagement and follow up performance. Response Network keeps conducting workshops, motivating and providing information as needed over a period of two years.



We use Self Help Manuals as a base for the village programs. The manuals provides detailed information on how to start and run self-help clubs within e.g. community school, adult literacy, skills training, know your rights, women’s rights, health and nutrition, organic growing, HIV/AIDS, children with special needs and sports. Villages choose themselves what self help clubs to start and what manuals to use. Read more about, or download the manuals here.

In addition to the base programs, we also facilitate four extensions to the village programs.

  • We link communities to donors who provide school building material to communities that have shown commitment to establishing a community school. When communities have established a community school and made the bricks needed themselves, Response Network partners sponsor them with the rest of the building materials needed to build a school building.
  • The “Women in Governance Program” educates women on their rights, encourages and empowers them to participate in traditional, political and religious governance structures.
  • The “Extended Sports Program” encourages villages to set up structured sports clubs in their villages and include persons with disabilities as a means to “Kicking AIDS Out”.
  • Women´s Self Help Group for Save and Borrow, makes it possible for poor and weak women to take a loan from saved money within the group, to start an operation.

Read more about the extended programs here.