Support the village self-help programs

By letting the communities do the work themselves, they take sustainable steps forward from poverty towards improved human rights and development. As a donor to Response Network´s village self-help programs you believe in the local people´s own capacity. Your money goes to conducting meetings and workshops to motivate communities to start self-help activities and then facilitate and follow up the progress. If you are a large donor we can also discuss specific themes for your help as long as it is in line with Response Network’s overall vision and mission (see examples of such specific help under “funding and Cooperation” below). The village self-help programs have between 2005 and 2011, improved the life situation for over 60 000 people in 600 villages in the southern part of Zambia. Read more about the results here.

The are still a great number of villages and people that we haven´t visit or reached out to. More funding would enable us to spread our self help programs. The cost of an average village self-help program amounts to 125 $ per month for 2 years. Through this amount you, together with Response Network, can propel the development of a whole village. We welcome small funding from individuals as well as large funding from governments, companies, and NGOs. More funding would enable us to reach out to more villages in Zambia. As our work is conducted on a continuous basis over two years, we in general prefer donors with a longer perspective in front of one off donations.

If you are interested in supporting our village self-help programs, please contact:

Håkon Spigseth, Country Director

Response Network Limited, P.O. Box 60817

Tel +260 213 320491/Fax: +260 21 (3) 323634



Support the education sponsorship program

As a partner to the Sponsorship Program you support orphaned girls’ right to education. Your support goes to school fees, uniforms and material for orphans who not have anyone that can pay these fees. Your support makes a great impact on these children’s future. The need is very large and we have many orphans in line for these sponsorships. To ensure quality of the sponsorship, Response Network will do home visits, interviews and results follow up.

Nearly every week, an aunt, a grandmother or another relative to an orphaned girl, is knocking on the door to Response Network´s office. The question is almost always the same; they wonder if there is any chance for their girl to be a part of the Sponsorship program (Kubala girls). Most often they will be rejected in terms of full programs. They are added to the waiting list, which today has over 100 names.

You can be one of them who help to cut the waiting list. Your donation has a great impact of these orphans’ lives.

If you are interested in supporting our Sponsorship Program, please contact: Frayor Chabauni, Office Manager and responsible for Sponsorship progam at