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Response Network may accept suitable graduates to work with our organization as trainees. We would like to offer this opportunity to participate in practical development field work to trainees that are qualified both academically, and are socially fit for the hardship in the villages and the frustrations encountered in a new and unknown environment.

We are providing this opportunity to students and degree holders of development studies and other relevant social sciences. Applicants must be prepared to pay their own expenses such as transport, upkeep, food, accommodation, insurance etc. However, living cost in the field is very low and Response Network will provide such as tents and camping equipment. The university or college where you are studying may cover some of the costs related to Guidance and accommodation while on practice with Response Network (as some Universities in Norway currently do).

The trainees will not be paid and shall work on contract for a period agreed by both parties. When the trainee is taking part in tasks that is planned and funded over the budget, such as funds to hire professional assistance, – he/she will be paid for such work. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has funds to assist trainees financially to take up unpaid work to get job experience.

Please see our website and read more about how we work and what we do.

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One thought on “Trainee / volunteer

  1. chipo sambi says:

    I would to take this time to comment on the wonderful works that response network as done in in southern province it has really shown commitment to help the poor people and it has been been my greatest desire to work for the organisation because of its high profile record and dedication to humanitarian issues

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