Our Staff 2016/17


Director: Håkon Spigseth 

Deputy Director/Finance Manager: Mutukwa Matengenya

Administration Officer/Sponsorship Program Manager: Frayor Chabauni

Communications Officer: Makazo Mwangala

Monitoring & Evaluation/Transport & Logistics Officer: Biemba Mubanga

Programs Manager: Julius Simfukwe


Sports Coordinator: Amon Kasweka

Gender & Community Education Program Facilitation Officer: Florence Choongo

Sports Facilitation Officer:
Steven Banda

Buildings Officer/YSEP Coordinator: Caleb Chabauni



Assistant Sponsorship/Buildings Officer: Elizabeth Maimbolwa

Assistant Logistics/Monitoring Officer: Jacob Nkunika

Finance Officer: Boyd Hanyanga

Cashier: Mutinta Chingobe

Sponsorship Girls Computer Tutor/IT Technician: Mizinga Apuleni

Storekeeper: Pride Mutema

Office Assistant: Carol Hamubone

Security Officer: Muyunda Sizamo


 Volunteer/Assistant Communications Officer: Tania Michelet

Retired Volunteer/Marketing Officer: Bjorn Ertzgaard

One thought on “Our Staff 2016/17

  1. Dan Balluff says:

    In 2015, I produced a documentary about Zambia titled “The Trees of Tomorrow” to increase awareness of the plight of street children in Zambia. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa, and I am looking for ways to spread the word. I was wondering whether Response Network might be interested in linking to the documentary and/or the film trailer now available on Youtube? The links to the videos are provided below.

    The Trees of Tomorrow (feature film): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tihEhaOS3_8

    Film Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHeB8nMBXJU

    Please feel free to spread the word about this documentary and please let me know if you have any questions.

    Dan Balluff


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