Read our ethical guidelines for our employees:

Response Network Staff, Volunteers, Area supervisors and Co-ordinators must establish relations and working methods, which will strengthen confidence and trust in the organisation. The Staff, volunteers, Area supervisors and co-ordinators must act as a positive role model, and be aware of the fact that violations of Response Network ethical guidelines may have serious consequences for the people whom Response Network is committed to serve.

  1. Respect basic human rights, social justice and human dignity, and respect the equal rights of both genders, show respect for the religious beliefs, customs and habits of the local culture, and act accordingly.
  2. We work with people in traditional settings in villages and must respect local culture and lifestyle, being prepared for simple life and spending nights in traditional cultural settings.
  3. Any volunteer/ co-ordinator, who are on official journey or other mission for RN, shall not be purchasing sexual favours.
  4. Do not use illegal substances, hereunder narcotics. Care must be exercised when associating with alcohol.
  5. Refuse any financial or material gifts or promise of such gifts or other inducement as this can be interpreted as corruption. Gifts as tokens of regard or appreciation, which are offered in accordance with local custom or etiquette may be exceptions, and are to be reported to   the manager at superior level.
  6. All Staff, volunteers, Area supervisors and co-ordinators are bound by confidentiality regarding organisational secrets and other confidential information. However, this does not apply to information of an illegal nature
  7. Staff, Volunteers, Area Supervisors and co-ordinators who are members of or working for other organisations, shall in agreement with their superior clarify if such assignments are compatible with Response Network` s current guidelines and interests.

In the event of breach of the code of conduct, RN shall have access to legal right. The volunteer/ co-ordinator may be given verbal and/or written warning; the Staff, volunteer; Area supervisor and co-ordinator may be given notice of dismissal and the contract terminated. In the event that the Staff, volunteer, Area supervisor and co-ordinator cause damage to RN’s property while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the Staff, volunteer, Area supervisor and co-ordinator shall be fully liable for damages. Should a Staff, volunteer, Area supervisor and co-ordinator use any RN property improperly or irresponsibly, he/she may be held responsible for damages incurred. 

Code of Conduct and Ethical guidelines revised 2012