Response Network both has large governmental/institutional partners as well as smaller individual donors.

Our large partners and their type of funding are outlined below:

academic work logoAcademic Work sponsors the Village Education program, which includes support to the main self-help facilitation program, as well as building materials to community schools as well as supporting almost 800 girls enabling them to go to school


Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD) supported by the Norwegian Government, sponsors our Village Self-Help Program, with emphasis on including disabled people in all activities


Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) sponsor our Extended Sports Program within Village Self-Help Program


Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) was our first supporting partner, and now we are about to start working together again on a very important topic – Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

In addition, the following donors and partners support our work:

  • Individual co-workers from, among others, Academic Work (Sponsorship Program)
  • Gran Secondary School, Norway
  • Andebu Ungdomsskole, Norway
  • Oslo University College, Norway
  • University of Tromsø, Norway
  • Øraker Skole, Oslo, Norway


Thank you for all your support!