Partners and donors

Response Network both has large governmental/institutional partners as well as smaller individual donors.

Our large partners and their type of funding are outlined below:


In addition, the following donors and partners support our work:

  • Individual co-workers from, among others, Academic Work (Sponsorship Program)
  • Rotary International
  • UNILABS, Norway
  • Hoppern school, Norway
  • Gran Secondary School, Norway
  • Andebu Ungdomsskole, Norway
  • Fusa Ungdomsskole, Norway
  • Oslo University College, Norway
  • University of Tromsø, Norway


Thank you for all your support!

2 thoughts on “Partners and donors

  1. ivan waraba says:

    thanks for the amazing work! we run a community based org called nurturing uganda. we reach out to the youths,children and women in uganda. we would like to partner with you if possible, so that we can reach a wider communnity, therefore i would like to know your funding criteria so that we apply accordingly. thak you so much. God bless you!!


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